About the NYCIP

The New York Center for Independent Publishing (formerly the Small Press Center), is located in the heart of Manhattan’s “Literary Row.” The heart of the Center ticks to the rhythm of an important and historical literary movement; The New Yorker once flourished here, and the Roundtable Crew would spike their drinks with wit!

In a publishing universe dominated by the economic clout of conglomerate publishing, the NYCIP serves the nation’s most innovative publishers and actively strives to cultivate freedom of the press.  As such, the NYCIP provides access to education and expertise in the field of independent publishing, encouraging excellence and free expression in publishing though workshops, lectures, book fairs, exhibits and an extensive reference collection. 

The NYCIP’s signature annual programs include: the Independent and Small Press Book Fair ; National Small Press Month, and its host of reading marathons, lectures, and publishing workshops; the New York Round Table Writers’ Conference; and the series, Emerging Voices: Writers Published by Groundbreaking Independent PressesFor more in-depth information about the history of the NYCIP, visit www.nycip.org.

The purpose of this blog is to build a dynamic interaction between the NYCIP and its members through an easily accessible online format.  Through this blog, the NYCIP will be able to keep its members and the general public up-to-date with information about the ongoing lecture series, upcoming workshops, and general publishing news of interest.

Check the Blogroll for NYCIP Publisher Members! This list is growing every day as we update all of our publishers. If you’re a publisher member and want to be added to the blogroll, let us know!

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  1. Would you be so kind as to send me information on how to participate in your next book fair. I am a member of the Soka Gakkai International which owns the publishing subsidiary, Middleway Press. I would like to learn more about partcipating in your next book fair.

    thank you so much,
    Cassandra James

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