R&L Releases “The Endless Search for the HMS Hussar”

R&L Publishing Releases a New Book — “The Endless Search for the HMS Hussar”

New York — Dec. 20, 2007 — Today R&L announced its release “The Endless Search for the HMS Hussar”. The book’s author, Robert Apuzzo, uses the best historical sources available to document the British frigate shipwreck in New York’s East River in 1780. The author captures the imagination as he lays out the clues to the whereabouts of the payroll ship’s sunken treasure.

Amateur archaeologist Robert Apuzzo attempts to shed new light on the legends surrounding His Majesty’s Ship Hussar. During his years of research the author unearthed some lost and unknown material. He uses a compilation of well chosen newspaper articles, writings, maps, and photos from the time of the shipwreck to recent times.

In the fall of 1780 the HMS Hussar, purportedly loaded with 14 chests of gold and silver, was swept onto Pot Rocks in New York’s East River. The damaged HMS Hussar then drifted toward the shore line of the Bronx. This book Attempts to fill the voids in knowledge. “The Endless Search for the HMS Hussar” presents 50 reference articles, many pertaining to the numerous searches to locate the Hussar and the elusive treasure. Mr. Apuzzo has arranged a journey that will delight and enlighten any treasure hunter.

“The Endless Search for the HMS Hussar” is the author’s third book. The soft cover book contains 152 pages with 32 photos and illustrations. It measures 6″ x 9″. ISBN 978-0-9629913-2-5. Library of Congress Control Number: 2007939695. Printed in the USA. Retails for $24.95. The publisher offers quantity discounts. The book may be purchased directly from R&L Publishing, 130 Church St. #259, New York, NY 10007.

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